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Welcome to TheSchoolHouse302 where it’s our job to help you lead better and grow faster. Leadership might be complex but it doesn’t have to be complicated. Our models for leadership are simple and applicable in any school or district. 

Here’s how you can enjoy the site. Each month, we start with a new leadership model built on the core tenements of leadership and based on both research and evidence from practice. Here’s what you can expect from our newsletter. 

Our Central Blog

Our blog is sent out during the first week of the month. It covers a topic of school leadership and school culture that every leader should know more about. You’ll get links to research and resources that you’ll enjoy and share as you grow with his.


In our ReadThisSeries, we recommend the best books to read on the topic for the month. We always recommend one, two, or three books because we know that leaders are readers. 


In our OneThingSeries podcast for school leaders, we conduct an interview with a great leader, author, researcher, professor, or otherwise top thought leader on the topic for the month. 

302 Thoughts

Our 302 Thoughts is a live event on Zoom that we record and blast out. It wraps up the month with more books, more resources, and more products that we recommend for school leaders who want to lead better and grow faster. We hope you’ll join us live.


Please contact us for professional development, keynote addresses, leadership institutes, masterclasses, and more.

Joe & T.J.

Happening Now

Riptides and School Leadership: Parallels in Power and Peril

Riptides and School Leadership: Parallels in Power and Peril

In this episode of the Leading Better and Growing Faster podcast for school leaders, Joe and T.J. discuss how school leaders can effectively manage the riptides found in everyday school leadership. Imagine a calm beach day, preferably Savage Ditch, Delaware, where you...

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