A Captain’s Guide to Success in School Leadership: Two Must Reads for School Leaders Who Want to Navigate the Leadership Waters

A Captain’s Guide to Success in School Leadership: Two Must Reads for School Leaders Who Want to Navigate the Leadership Waters

Joe and T.J. Recommend that School Leaders Read The Following Two Books



Unlocking Excellence: Read to Lead Better, Learn to Grow Faster

These are two powerhouse books that capture the journey of leadership. These two books are distinctly different, but both reflect our focus on school leaders’ need to Navigate the Seas of School Leadership

Joe recommends Sea Stories: My Life in Special Operations, which is an autobiographical book by Admiral William H. McRaven, a retired Navy SEAL and former commander of the United States Special Operations Command. The book is a firsthand account of Admiral McRaven’s remarkable military career, spanning from his childhood, the early days in training, to his experiences leading special operations missions.

The narrative is filled with anecdotes and insights into the world of special operations, offering readers a glimpse into the challenges, triumphs, and lessons learned in high-stakes environments. 

It’s an amazing exploration of leadership, resilience, and the values that underpin success in the most demanding situations. The book not only shares the author’s personal journey but also imparts valuable leadership lessons that can be applied in various contexts, making it a great recommendation for school leaders who are navigating their own challenges.

T.J. recommends, Working Backwards: Insights, Stories, and Secrets from Inside Amazon, a book written by Colin Bryar and Bill Carr, former executives at Amazon. The book provides a unique insider’s perspective on Amazon’s culture, leadership principles, and business strategies.

In “Working Backwards,” the authors share anecdotes and insights based on their experiences working with Amazon founder Jeff Bezos. The book covers Amazon’s customer-centric approach, decision-making processes, and the principles that have contributed to the company’s success. It also offers valuable lessons for leaders and businesses seeking to adopt Amazon’s innovative practices.


What You’ll Learn in this Episode with Joe & T.J.

 Joe reveals that his mentor and friend, Dr. Steven Godowsky, originally shared this book with him, knowing his interest in leadership perspectives from the military. 

Listen to Joe describe how Admiral McRaven structures the book to capture the intention of the reader.

Joe also emphasizes how Sea Stories covers McRaven’s career. Too often, leadership books don’t chronicle the journey of a leader and the many different leadership positions that an individual may hold. This book does!

Who doesn’t want a look inside Amazon? Listen to T.J. describe why he likes this book and why he recommends it to school leaders.

T.J. describes how these gentlemen detail their work within Amazon and the lessons that can be learned for leaders. You don’t want to miss how the authors describe working for Jeff Bezos.

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Joe & T.J.