The Three Minute Challenge: Experiential Learning for Teacher Leader Development — #TheThreeMinuteChallenge

Experiential learning takes place when a person involved in an activity looks back and evaluates it, determines what was useful or important to remember, and uses this information to perform another activity. ~ John Dewey Experiential Learning Experiential learning, or learning by doing, is a critical step in the teacher leader development process. This quadrant... Continue Reading →

The Three Minute Challenge: Set the Agenda for Teacher Leadership Development — #TheThreeMinuteChallenge

One must first of all have a solid foundation. ~ Sri Aurobindo Advice for Principals  A celebrated principal we know well once told us these wise words: “Success as an administrator is quite simple--always remember that it’s about the people not a program.” This advice epitomizes what great leaders understand, which is that people make... Continue Reading →

The Three Minute Challenge: The Trusted Few and Evaluated Impact of Decision-Making #TheThreeMinuteChallenge

Throughout this month we delved into the dynamic topic of decision-making. It’s fascinating to think that we make more decisions in a day then we take actual breaths. Although that’s hard to believe, human beings are built to be decision-making machines. And the types of decisions we make in a single day cover the full... Continue Reading →

The Three Minute Challenge: Automating Your Routines — #TheThreeMinuteChallenge

The average person makes upward toward 2,000 decisions every hour. If you’re a leader, or key decision-maker at work, you can  increase not only the amount of decisions, but the difficulty of them. The challenge is that decision-making is a mental task, and expert Mike Erwin argues that when we exert our mental energy over-and-over,... Continue Reading →

#TheThreeMinuteChallenge: Don’t Limit Risk-Taking

It’s not because things are difficult that we dare not venture. It’s because we dare not venture that they are difficult. ~ Seneca Organizations that drive innovation, and feed people’s creativity to think in new and challenging ways, reward risk-taking to create new boundaries. And although leaders often realize the importance of creating a culture... Continue Reading →


Throughout the month of September, we’ve been writing on the topic of disengagement in the workforce. Our Employee Engagement Model identifies the 3 surefire ways that a leader can quickly create disengagement among employees. Fortunately, we also offer the perfect antidote for each of the three problems. This week we are focused on one of... Continue Reading →

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