New Teachers, New School Year, New Opportunities

This month TheSchoolHouse302 is focused on bringing teachers back into the best culture imaginable.  Doing so couldn’t be more necessary for all teachers but especially for new teachers.  New teachers need to be welcomed into a supportive and encouraging environment with very clear and high expectations. What do new teachers need?  MTL! #1: Mentor. New... Continue Reading →

Forget the Same-Old, Same-Old—Bring Teachers Back with a Bang!—4 Simple Strategies

In August, administrators should be well underway with planning for the first few days back with teachers. But have you planned the same old back-to-school first day boring and mundane stuff that you’ve always done, or are even required to do by law, or are you prepared with something exciting? If you follow, tell... Continue Reading →

Reflection: Illuminate Something That You Can Eliminate

Reflection This month we spent time talking about a leadership strategy that really matters: refection. And, in an interview with theschoolhouse302, Dr. Sharon Pepukayi profoundly reviewed her one thing that matters for reflection, which was self-reflection. Listen here if you didn't already. In fact, reflection should be an action, even scheduled to ensure consistent execution.... Continue Reading →

Punch-lists: One Simple Strategy to Maximize Effectiveness #summer = #preparation

“A place for Everything and Everything in its Place”  ~Benjamin Franklin The Power of a Punch-list In education summer equals preparation.  Although it is a time to reflect, rejuvenate, and even relax, there is a considerable amount of work that needs to be accomplished.  A successful start to the school year begins at the end... Continue Reading →

This Month Matters: One Simple Strategy for Taking Your Leadership to the Next Level

"We do not learn from experience ... we learn from reflecting on experience." ~John Dewey Power of Reflection The school year is over and the summer is upon us.  Much of summer work in schools and districts is governed by preparation, future goals, and initiatives.  This important work is rooted in the knowledge that a... Continue Reading →

Monday Matters: Excellence

“Be a yardstick of quality. Some people aren’t used to environment where excellence is expected.” ~Steve Jobs This week’s idea that matters is excellence. Ideas that Matter This time of year is famous for resolutions. The desire to pursue our goals and become better tomorrow than we are today is an incredible promise of the... Continue Reading →

Thinking Together

Collaboration is the mental factory where good thoughts become great ideas ~TheSchoolHouse302 We talk a great deal about working together. Whether projects or programs, we say that “working together” or “working well with others” is a skillset that we want to see in our employees and our potential candidates for open positions in our organizations.... Continue Reading →

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