4 Strategies to Drive Innovative Thinking in Your Organization

Businesses often fail to innovate because of the organization’s culture and not the people. In fact, it’s misleading to believe that the people in the organization are the ones thwarting new ideas. There’s only one person in an organization who can truly squash any innovative thinking, and that one person is the CEO. It’s only... Continue Reading →

Ideas of Innovation

The world is filled with opportunities, but too often these opportunities are perceived as problems. It is at the crossroad between problems and opportunities where the well of innovation lives. Those who dip their buckets into the well are the same people who see problems as an opportunity to innovate. This type of thinking is... Continue Reading →

Reflection: Using Models to Advance and Accelerate Your Organization’s #Growth

Models = Momentum ~John Green (DE Small Business Owner) Reinforce Ideas through Models As the old adage says, “a picture is worth a thousand words.”  Or what is often attributed to Napoleon, “a good sketch is better than a long speech.”  Why?  The reason is many people are visuals learners.  Some research indicates that up... Continue Reading →

4 Strategies 4 Leading Self-Efficacy

Self-Efficacy and Organizational Culture “Ability is what gives you opportunity; belief is what gets you there.” ~Apollo How do you view yourself? Self-efficacy is the theory that there exists within us a social construct whereby our personal perceptions of ourselves actually influence our real-life abilities and effectiveness in any given area. The theory, developed by... Continue Reading →

Present + Praise = Productive

"Ask yourself: 'Can I give more?' The answer is usually: 'Yes'." ~Paul Tergat A Balance of Information Gathering and Praise Being visible is powerful.  The very act of being out-and-about provides the leader unique, very often informal, but accurate, insight into what is occurring in her organization.  People often refer to the “pulse of the... Continue Reading →

Forget the Same-Old, Same-Old—Bring Teachers Back with a Bang!—4 Simple Strategies

In August, administrators should be well underway with planning for the first few days back with teachers. But have you planned the same old back-to-school first day boring and mundane stuff that you’ve always done, or are even required to do by law, or are you prepared with something exciting? If you follow theschoolhouse302.com, tell... Continue Reading →

Reflection: Illuminate Something That You Can Eliminate

Reflection This month we spent time talking about a leadership strategy that really matters: refection. And, in an interview with theschoolhouse302, Dr. Sharon Pepukayi profoundly reviewed her one thing that matters for reflection, which was self-reflection. Listen here if you didn't already. In fact, reflection should be an action, even scheduled to ensure consistent execution.... Continue Reading →

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