#5thSunday: Year-End Reflection Infographic–R.E.F.L.E.C.T.

Every month at TheSchoolHouse302, you get a blog post with a leadership development model, a podcast with a leading expert, a “read this” with three book selections, and a review and reflection tool–all on a particular topic of leadership to help you lead better and grow faster. Posts are always blasted out on Sundays so that leaders can think... Continue Reading →

#review&reflect–Goal Setting: There’s No Better Day than Today to Work Toward Your Goals

This is TheSchoolHouse302 monthly #review&reflect, wrapping up our focus on Goal Setting. Skills I need… How do I write goals that are clear, precise, and capture what I truly want to achieve? Review: This month we anchored goal setting within three fundamental techniques to ensure that the goals you set are attainable and that they... Continue Reading →

#readthisseries: Reaching Your Goals

Don’t miss this vblog on books you need to read to lead better and grow faster. We recommend three titles that are must-reads on the topic of reaching your goals. You can find our catalog of great leadership books at theschoolhouse302.com — click on #readthisseries. Gazzaely, A. & Rosen, L. (2017). The distracted mind: Ancient brains in a... Continue Reading →

#onethingseries: Reaching Your Goals w/ Dr. Larry Rosen

Don’t miss this incredible leadership interview with Dr. Larry Rosen (@DrLarryRosen), Professor Emeritus and past chair of the psychology department at California State University. He is a research psychologist and is recognized as an international expert in the "Psychology of Technology." Over the past 30-plus years, Dr. Rosen and his colleagues have examined reactions to... Continue Reading →

#SH302: Goal Setting

Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible. ~ Tony Robbins How serious are you about achieving your goals and living a life of fulfillment? Do you know what you truly want to get out of each day, week, month, and year? Setting goals is a critical first step to... Continue Reading →

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