The Three Minute Challenge: Automating Your Routines — #TheThreeMinuteChallenge

The average person makes upward toward 2,000 decisions every hour. If you’re a leader, or key decision-maker at work, you can  increase not only the amount of decisions, but the difficulty of them. The challenge is that decision-making is a mental task, and expert Mike Erwin argues that when we exert our mental energy over-and-over,... Continue Reading →

#5thSunday: Year-End Reflection Infographic–R.E.F.L.E.C.T.

Every month at TheSchoolHouse302, you get a blog post with a leadership development model, a podcast with a leading expert, a “read this” with three book selections, and a review and reflection tool–all on a particular topic of leadership to help you lead better and grow faster. Posts are always blasted out on Sundays so that leaders can think... Continue Reading →

#review&reflect: Staying Focused to Avoid the Performance Trap

This is TheSchoolHouse302’s monthly #review&reflect, wrapping up our focus on Avoiding the Performance Trap: Staying Focused to Improve Time, Energy, and Efficiency. Our review and reflect offers readers the opportunity to take a deep dive into our leadership content by taking time to reflect and identify the skills you need, how you can learn those... Continue Reading →

#readthisseries: The Best 3 Books You Can Read to Stay Focused, Pay Attention, and Be Present in the Moment

Don’t miss this vblog on books you need to read to lead better and grow faster. We recommend three titles that are must-reads on the topic of staying focused, paying attention, and being present in the moment. You can find our catalog of great leadership books at — click on #readthisseries. Cuddy, A. (2015). Presence: Bringing your... Continue Reading →

#onethingseries: Learning to Focus & Pay Better Attention as a Leader w/ Neen James

Don’t miss this leadership interview with Neen James, @neenjames. Neen is the author of Folding Time™ and her latest book Attention Pays™ is available at bookstores around the world. Over the past two decades Neen has been advising some of the coolest companies in the world, including Viacom, Comcast, Paramount Pictures, and even the FBI,... Continue Reading →

#SH302: Avoiding the Performance Trap: Staying Focused to Improve Time, Energy, & Efficiency

Jonathan glanced up at the clock, it was half past 6:00PM, he felt a slight wave of anxiety ripple through him; he was supposed to be home by now. He knew Becky, his wife, would understand. But that wasn’t the issue. The harsh reality is that Jonathan’s nights are getting longer-and-longer and the workload is... Continue Reading →

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