Summer: a season of vacancies, interviews, interview questions, and hiring practices

Screening before Interviews Education, like nature, has seasons, clear divisions within the year, and in education, the summer is the hiring season. An administrator’s job requires a variety of skills, and at the top of the list is hiring the right people. One common challenge is an abundance of applicants for a single position. Although,... Continue Reading →

Seasons: A Time to Reflect

“Refinement: The process of removing impurities or unwanted substances from an element.” You watch the last bus pull away. Students have their head half way out of the window waving feverishly and yelling, “have a great summer.” You pause, look around the empty parking lot and you are filled with different emotions—a touch of joy,... Continue Reading →

Make May Matter

In schools, the month of May and early June can be likened to grade-5 whitewater rafting conditions—large waves, large volumes a water, the possibility of large rocks and hazards, and the possibility of a large drop at any time, which all require precise maneuvering. The only thing that makes May similar to other months is... Continue Reading →

#ASCD15 Spotlight: Big Ideas, Lessons Learned, and Casual Observations @ASCD

Leaving snow and cold weather, Houston seemed like a dream destination. We landed in a different climate, 70 degrees, slight overcast, and a lot of excitement to learn and grow. Last weekend we had the privilege of attending ASCD’s 70th annual conference in Houston and we weren't disappointed, to say the least. From learning about... Continue Reading →

Expectations = Potential

In the 1980s, Bandura explored the concept of self-efficacy, which put simply refers to how people perceive their own capabilities and how that perception drives their behaviors (Bandura, 1982). These personal judgments not only determine action but they influence emotions, decision-making, capacity, and goal achievement. That means that a psychological construct within us drives our... Continue Reading →

Purposeful Meetings Wanted–Avoiding the Information Trap!

Avoiding the Information Trap Purposeful meetings wanted!  Leadership teams within a school often serve as conduits for information. Weekly or monthly meetings are established for a variety of reasons that range from updates and changes to the school's instructional focus.  Teachers convene to hear from department heads or administrators around such topics as technology needs, upcoming... Continue Reading →

Do You Have the Right Teachers in Key Leadership Positions?

Schools are filled with leaders.  From students to teachers to administrators, much of schooling hovers over this notion of leadership. Teachers fulfill many leadership roles and responsibilities within the building, but are they serving in leadership roles that influence and support the school's goals?  Are they on the principal's leadership team? Does that leadership team... Continue Reading →

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