Candor, Creativity, and Critical Thinking: Getting Unstuck w/ Kirsten Richert & Jeff Ikler

As we discussed the topic of creativity and we connect it to the field of education, we know that providing space to think deeply is critical. For innovation to be a norm, we need environments that support risk-taking. Feedback is also important, but it should be a conversation rather than over-prescribed recommendations. Too often, leaders... Continue Reading →

#TheThreeMinuteChallenge: Don’t Limit Risk-Taking

It’s not because things are difficult that we dare not venture. It’s because we dare not venture that they are difficult. ~ Seneca Organizations that drive innovation, and feed people’s creativity to think in new and challenging ways, reward risk-taking to create new boundaries. And although leaders often realize the importance of creating a culture... Continue Reading →

#5thSunday: Year-End Reflection Infographic–R.E.F.L.E.C.T.

Every month at TheSchoolHouse302, you get a blog post with a leadership development model, a podcast with a leading expert, a “read this” with three book selections, and a review and reflection tool–all on a particular topic of leadership to help you lead better and grow faster. Posts are always blasted out on Sundays so that leaders can think... Continue Reading →

#review&reflect: Learning to Promote Productive Disruption in Your Organization

This is TheSchoolHouse302’s monthly #review&reflect, wrapping up our focus on Productive Disruption: Cultivating Organizational Growth through Solution-Driven Ideals. Our review and reflect offers readers the opportunity to take a deep dive into our leadership content by taking time to reflect and identify the skills you need, how you can learn those skills, and industry leaders... Continue Reading →

#readthisseries: Learning to Disrupt & Break Rules Productively

Don’t miss this vblog on books you need to read to lead better and grow faster. We recommend three titles that are must-reads on the topic of productive disruption and learning to harness the ability to "break things" in your organization. You can find our catalog of great leadership books at — click on #readthisseries. Gino, F. (2018).... Continue Reading →

#onethingsseries: Learning to Embrace Rebel Talent and Improve Our Rebelliousness as Leaders w/ Francesca Gino

Don’t miss this leadership interview with Francesca Gino. Francesca is the Tandon Family Professor of Business Administration in the Negotiation, Organizations & Markets Unit at Harvard Business School. She is also formally affiliated with the Program on Negotiation at Harvard Law School, with the Mind, Brain, Behavior Initiative at Harvard, and with the Behavioral Insight Group at... Continue Reading →

#SH302: Productive Disruption–Cultivating Organizational Growth through Solution-Driven Ideals

Organizations are constantly subjected to forces of change. Some change is driven by internal considerations, while others are due to external factors, some out of necessity, while a few are fueled by inspiration and drive. When we think about inspiration and drive, we think about leaders who productively disrupted their organization to create something new... Continue Reading →

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