Build your winning team today! 

Develop Your Reputation

Attraction is about interest and curiosity. For leaders to draw the best candidates, schools must cultivate an awareness among potential candidates that lures them into a desire to join the team.

Recruit Top Talent 

The mindset among administrators and human resource personnel must change to view recruiting and hiring as an ongoing process with unique opportunities for the candidate, the existing staff, and the school.

Retain Talented Teachers

Effective leaders work to empower their employees and seek out several avenues to lead people. They help them discover their own uniqueness and contribution within the organization to create independence and cohesion. 

TheSchoolHouse302 Reputable, Effective, Perception Survey for Schools (REPSS) analyzes 6 domains and uses a 5-point Likert-style scale. The 6 domains of culture that we evaluate are purpose, trust, accountability, support, growth, and innovation.

Each domain has 10 questions with a point value assigned to each one of the responses, totaling 50 possible points within each domain. This approach gives you quick insight into how you score within each area. This model represents the culture of what we consider a Reputable and Effective School. With a clear purpose guiding the team, trust among all team members, accountability for making a difference, support while working toward the goals, growth as an individual and as a team, and innovation as a core value, the culture of a Reputable and Effective School will assuredly attract top talent and retain your best teachers.

The survey provides a pulse on the culture of the school and how well it’s functioning. Each domain represents a critical area of culture and when schools achieve high scores within each domain, you can guarantee that the staff, the students, the families, and the community are going to be buzzing about your school and the success it is achieving.