#onethingseries: Long-Term Decision-Making w/ @Jowilson4139

Don’t miss this incredible leadership interview with Dr. Jackie Wilson, @Jowilson4139, a national expert on school leadership policy.  Dr. Wilson is an assistant professor and the Director of the Delaware Academy for School Leadership in the College of Education and Human Development at the University of Delaware. Jackie is known for designing and delivering world... Continue Reading →

#SH302: The 4 Ps of Service Leadership

Ask Yourself How would those you lead define your leadership style? Outside of potentially labeling you as good or bad, would they say you excel in communication and relationships, would they say that you are autocratic or authoritative, maybe they would they say that you’re primarily interested in setting goals and meeting the organization’s established... Continue Reading →

#review&reflect: Teamwork

This is TheSchoolHouse302 monthly #review&reflect, wrapping up our focus on TEAMWORK. Skills I need… What skills do I need to master to create more effective teams? Review: This month’s focus on teamwork was supported by a dynamic 5-point model that entails the key elements of effective teamwork: Prior Preparation, Shared Vision, Collaborative Spirit, Synergized Efforts,... Continue Reading →

#readthisseries: Teamwork

You can’t miss this #readthisseries for books you need to read to lead better and grow faster. Teamwork really does make the dream work. Our model for teamwork is proven, and can take your team to the next level. These three books are perfect to get you leading better and growing faster in the area teamwork. Let us... Continue Reading →

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