Two Must Reads for School Leaders Who Want to Build a School Culture Where Teachers Want to Work

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Joe and T.J. Recommend that School Leaders Read The Song of Significance and Retention for A Change



Unlocking Excellence: Read to Lead, Learn to Grow Faster

It’s no mystery that we are big fans of Seth Godin, especially T.J., but there is a good reason for that in terms of learning to lead better and grow faster. In many ways, Godin challenges conventional wisdom but remains practical in his advice. His insights are unique, and school leaders can benefit from his work. Here’s what you’ll learn from this podcast about Seth’s new book.


  • Find your unique voice as a school leader to help develop a school environment that empowers teachers and students. There is no greater superpower than authenticity. The goal is to create a space where people live out their feelings of significance. 
  • Schools are not only a part of the community; in many respects, they are a community within themselves. Godin writes about tribes and groups that join together to unlock potential. Schools are a natural place for this work. It requires a skilled leader to create the right conditions, though.
  • Lastly, Godin talks about generosity. Tune in to find more.


We always feel a little odd showcasing our own work. However, Retention for A Change (RFAC) is packed with great strategies, from practitioners for practitioners.

  • Learn how to Motivate, Inspire, and Energize your team.
  • Uncover key ways to onboard and support your new hires. The real work starts when the hiring is done. 
  • Lastly, schools are in a constant state of transition. We would love for things to slow down and for the waters settle, but we don’t see that happening any time soon. RFAC recognizes that reality in education and provides school leaders with real tools to navigate the daily grind. 



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Joe & T.J.


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