Two Must Reads for School Leaders Who Want to Build a Learning Culture within Their Schools, Leading Better and Growing Faster with Joe and T.J.

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Joe and T.J. Recommend that School Leaders Read In Search of Deeper Learning and Fearless Schools

What you’ll discover in this episode of Leading Better & Growing Faster w/ Joe & T.J.

  • We recommend In Search of Deeper Learning for school leaders. 
  • We also recommend Fearless Schools for school leaders. 
  • Why in the world is Joe wearing a NASA Jacket?
  • There is “deeper learning at the margins and why the periphery is more important than the core.” This is an excellent example of how this book pushes the boundaries. 
  • The key tenets of a learning culture.
  • Evidence of learning. What does it look like in classrooms? 
  • Trust is imperative for psychological safety.
  • Focus on learning at every level within the hierarchy of schooling.

In each episode, Joe and T.J. leave a tip to lead better and grow faster. This month’s reading tip is to read these books with your team! Don’t miss what Joe says about it. 

Developing a learning culture requires time and effort, but the dividends are incredible. The chart below features the key characteristics of a learning culture versus a teaching culture. More on how to develop a learning culture can be found in Passionate Leadership.  

How does your culture stack up?

The Leading Better & Growing Faster with Joe & T.J. Show

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Joe & T.J.



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