Season 3, Episode 7 of FocusED with Horacio Sanchez #FocusED

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Author Horacio Sanchez Joins FocusED to Discuss How Teachers and School Leaders Can Build an Environment that Promotes Resiliency

This is Season 3, Episode 7 of FocusED, and it features our guest, Horacio Sanchez. It was originally recorded live for a studio audience in Delaware, provided as a professional development experience for Delaware teachers and leaders. Don’t miss what Horacio says about overcoming the impact of poverty in schools, specifically what teachers and leaders can do to build an environment that promotes resiliency. 


Horacio Sanchez Brings Tons of Experience to FocusED Listeners

Horacio Sanchez is a highly sought-after speaker and educational consultant, helping schools learn to apply neuroscience to improve educational outcomes.  He presents on diverse topics such as overcoming the impact of poverty, improving school climate, engaging in brain-based instruction, and addressing issues related to implicit bias. He is recognized as one of the nation’s leading authorities on resiliency and applied brain science.

Horacio has been a teacher, administrator, clinician, mental health director, and consultant to school districts across the United States. Horacio sits on the True Health Initiative Council of Directors, a coalition of more than 250 world-renowned health experts, committed to educating on proven principles of lifestyle as medicine. He is the author of the best-selling book, The Education Revolution, which applies brain science to improve instruction, behaviors, and school climate. His new book, The Poverty Problem, explains how education can promote resilience and counter poverty’s impact on brain development and functioning.


Show Notes from FocusED with Horacio Sanchez

Horacio talks about the connection between what we know about the brain and how poverty impacts the functioning of the brain, including memorization and learning. 

Horacio wastes no time jumping into the practical use of evidence-based strategies. Maximizing sensory inputs during learning leads to better retention. 

Daily music practice and repetition in older students can increase their brain function. 

We have to incorporate movement in our lessons. It’s one of the most powerful sensory inputs that we can group together with the content of the lesson. 

When we teach teachers how to teach using brain research, we must model the practices, not just talk about them. 

Truly believing that you have competency is a protective factor. The only academic protective factor is reading. Schools need to design the environment with every protective factor possible, like getting along with others. 

Students from poverty observe negative queuing more than positive queuing. Teachers need to be more intentional with positive queuing. 

Try to make every aspect of the school experiential, even lunch. 

Sanchez mentions the need to read the research, not just books. 

Empathy is the foundation for…

Horacio suggests more unplugging and single-task activities. 

Horacio plans to write a book called, The neuroscience of Leadership. We can’t wait for that one.

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