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Courageous Edventures, by Jennie Magiera, is a Must Read for Educational Leaders Who Want to Effectively Support Teachers’ Use of Technology as a Tool within the Classroom

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Featured Author: Jennie Magiera 

Featured Book: Courageous Edventures: Navigating Obstacles to Discover Classroom Innovation 

Here’s Why Every Innovative Principal Leader, Instructional Technology Coach, and Curriculum Specialist Must Read This Corwin Book by Jennie Magiera:

Courageous Edventures is a great book for all educators. Why? It’s real in that it’s written by a former teacher, and it blends the challenges that are associated with using technology in the classroom with how to overcome them successfully. 

The author, Jennie Magiera, now the Global Head of Education Impact at Google, tells a common story, found within many schools–a story where technology is available, but woefully underemployed and arguably misunderstood. Fortunately, she also provides clear ways on how to excel at using these tools to transform teaching and learning. 

This month, our focus is on innovation and learning, particularly women in leadership who are making a significant impact. Jennie is one of those individuals who embraces change leadership through innovation. You can’t miss our interview with her, which uncovers a great deal of her stance on school and district leadership. 

Her story is found among many early adopters who discover the power of a new teaching tool, “terrifying and confusing.” In this case, Jenny realized early on that technology in the classroom, when used well, can radically improve student learning. However, it wasn’t an easy journey. Courageous Edventures is organized into four parts that we believe make it a great read and very user friendly. 

Learning from reading is our goal, and it is why we feature very specific books for educational leaders. The four parts of this book create a journey and require readers to engage with the content as a measure of growth.

  1. Charting Your Course
  2. Navigating Your Problems
  3. Sailing into the Great Beyond
  4. Reflecting on Your Edventure

Each part of Courageous Edventures is written as a journey and carries the reader to the destination. There are very practical models introduced throughout the book, such as the SAMR model or the Teacher Innovation Exploration Plan (TIEP). These models are important because they guide the development of the reader toward something that they can actually use in practice in terms of making a difference in their classroom and school. 

The SAMR Model for Innovation with Technology 

Another aspect of this book that truly resonated with us is the Critical Friends section. Our friend and Chief Ruckus Maker, Danny Bauer of Better Leaders Better Schools, has long championed the power of belonging to a mastermind group for support, connectedness, and intentional growth. Having critical friends is a tremendous way to grow as a professional because, among other things, accountability is a key aspect of the relationship. 

We’ll end this post on one of Jennie’s tips, which you’ll find early in the book: “Loyalty to Students Over All Else.” When our purpose eclipses everything, it’s easy to find courage to do those things that frighten us. Putting students first is really what this book is about; technology is the just one of the great ways that we can get it done!

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