Building Successful School Environments for Brown and Black Male Students with Robert Jackson

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Robert Jackson Brings a Ton of Experience to Our OneThingSeries

Robert Jackson began his teaching career almost 25 years ago in Indianapolis Public Schools with a No More Excuses teaching approach with all of his students after being cut from the NFL Minnesota Vikings. As an educator, he didn’t allow his students to feel sorry for themselves or let their circumstances define their futures. He set high expectations for his students and expected them all to do well. Those same students went from low performing to successful Pastors, Lawyers, School Administrators, Teachers, Pharmaceutical Sales Reps, Business Owners, Pro Athletes, Entertainers and more.

He has become one of the most sought-after speakers in the country, delivering keynote addresses and workshops to educators and administrators at national conferences, parents and student workshops, corporate events and churches. He has delivered 100’s of presentations and has become an expert in teaching cultural diversity, restorative practices, socio emotional learning, working with students who have experienced trauma and how to educate Black and Latino males. His goal is to teach educators and administrators how to use their power more effectively to Educate, Activate and Motivate all Students to be Successes.

Mr. Jackson has written and published 6 books and has written articles for ASCD EL Leadership Magazine. His new book, Becoming the Educator They Need: Strategies, Mindsets, and Beliefs for Supporting Male Black and Latino Students just won the Gold Excel Award for Technical Writing in July 2020. His “No More Excuses” Curriculum has been featured in publications nationally and is being used in K-12 Schools, Colleges and Universities in the US and Canada. His books include, Black Men Stand Up, A Boys Guide to Manhood, A Young Woman’s Guide to Womanhood, Put a Stop to Bullying, and Solutions to Educating Black and Latino Males.

He is married to Essence Best Selling Author, Tajuana “TJ” Butler-Jackson and they have 3 children and 1 grandson.

His motto is: “For Every Problem, there is a Solution.”

Key Thoughts from Our Interview with Robert Jackson

Robert Jackson delivers a powerful message, packed with clear strategies that every school administrator and teacher should know and do. 

  • Robert emphasized the need to simply ask students questions and talk to them about their lives. He suggests a simple survey to get keen insights. “Equip them by asking them.”
  • Listen to the distinction he makes between empathy and feeling sorry for a student. He went deep into the data and illuminated the disparities in school discipline practices, particularly between objective and subjective offenses.  
  • You have to hear what no one ever asked him about. 
  • Robert delved into the importance of self-care and what we should do every day, from getting rest to prayer.
  • His line, “I’m wearing my life on my face,” will cause you to think and consider how you perceive individual students and certain situations. 
  • Robert describes how his pastor, Creflo Dollar, impacts him as a person. He also lists a few very influential leaders, athletes, and activists from the past who he listens to online to help him grow as a person and a leader. 
  • Robert’s views on the critical importance of perspective finding to navigate relationships and circumstance is powerful.
  • Find out what he says about leadership and what it means for everyday living. 
  • Robert ends by letting us know that every story needs to be heard, even the ones that we would typically ignore. 

Mr. Jackson’s interview is filled with clear takeaways on how to grow as a person and better connect with our students in schools. He challenges us to take action and make a difference. It was a wonderful follow-up to our latest blogpost, highlighting incredible Black educators from the past and present who every educator should know. We hope to hear from you about your favorite parts of both the blog and the interview. 

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