One Thing Series: Gaining Perspective as a Teammate w/ Jamy Bechler — #onethingseries

Leadership Isn’t About Having Complicit and Compliant Followers. ~ Jamy Bechler

Jamy Bechler is the host of the popular Success is a Choice podcast. He is also the author of The Bus Trip and The Leadership Playbook. As a former college basketball coach and high school athletic director, he now travels across the country speaking and consulting with sports teams and educators about leadership, culture, and teamwork. Jamy is also a certified John Maxwell Leadership Coach, and you connect with him on Twitter @CoachBechler or at his website

His interview with TheSchoolHouse302 is full of leadership wisdom. He speaks directly to how we must maintain perspective to gain insight as leaders. Don’t miss it.  

Key Thoughts from the Interview:

  • You can’t miss his compelling story regarding an obituary and the impact that it had on his mindset!
  • Jamy discusses John Maxwell and Jon Gordon and how influential they are on his work. But, he also talks about someone we were completely unfamiliar with, coach and communication specialist, Betsy Butterick. You can find more about Betsy, here
  • You’ll want to hear what he has to say about being “dead right.”
  • He talks about how we need to be sensitive to situations so that we can prevent issues, be proactive, and prepare accordingly. 
  • His thoughts about being intentional about seeing other people’s perspective are enlightening. You have to listen to the turtle on the log story.
  • Lastly, he breaks down how ego and impulse are basic human traits that limit us as individuals and leaders when we let them. 

Jamy’s interview uncovers what it means to be a great teammate, someone who works to gain perspective as a leader, and much much more. 

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