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Fear has killed more dreams than anything. ~ Fred Stuvek

Fred Stuvek Jr. has achieved extraordinary success in diverse realms. Born in West Virginia and raised in Pennsylvania, he has been inducted into the Pennsylvania Sports Hall of Fame for achievements in football, basketball, baseball, and track.

He graduated from the United States Naval Academy, after lettering three years as quarterback for the Midshipmen. After service as a Naval Officer, he transitioned to the business world where he has held senior leadership positions in private and public companies, both domestically and internationally.

Fred’s key successes include an international medical imaging start-up that led to a successful IPO, and forming a private medical services company, which he subsequently sold. From the playing field to the war room to the board room, his leadership and accomplishments have given him a distinct perspective and a results-oriented mindset.

His interview with TheSchoolHouse302 is intense, direct, and filled with effective takeaways for any leader who is trying to reach their goals in 2020 and beyond.

  • Listen to what he says about the importance of belief, mindset, confidence, and success. And he reads our blog!
  • He acknowledges that it’s important to follow a diverse group of leaders to get information from a number of avenues. He follows the hashtags #leadership, #management, and #learning.
  • You can’t miss what he says about being open to feedback.
  • He talks about the fact that growth is not static. He wants his book to be used for leadership development and training. Don’t miss our #readthisseries, we’re going to give away three of Fred’s books.
  • His thoughts on getting out of your comfort zone and stretching yourself are priceless. His career pivots are inspiring.
  • Lastly, you can’t miss his views on not having all the answers as a leader.

Fred’s interview uncovers the powerful insight in getting results, achieving your goals, following key principles of leadership, and much much more.

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