The Three Minute Challenge: Minding Your Emotions to Set Your One Big Goal in 2020 — #TheThreeMinuteChallenge #NoExcuses2020

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My goals are so high that I don’t have any time to relax in any way, shape, or form. ~ Kevin Hart

Life should be an incredible adventure, filled with spectacular moments. The life that we create for ourselves is not something that we should leave to chance, but rather one that should be pursued with persistence and hard work in order to achieve true happiness. We all have tons of things that we want to accomplish throughout life, and rightfully so.There is always an amazing sense of personal fulfillment when we grow. When we take the steps to see ourselves through the phases of goal attainment, we seek and reach new heights.

But, not every goal has to be as great as climbing to the peaks of Mount Everest. It can be as simple as working to be the very best parent for your child this weekend. Or, getting to a point of organization in our home or business office. The point is that reaching goals make us feel better in life and work. And, often our goals focus on conquering our inner-selves. We all have internal “mountains” to climb as well as the external goals that we want to achieve.

Regardless of what you want to accomplish this week, this month, or this year, there is power in identifying a single goal on which you plan to focus all of your efforts today, right now. Of course, over the time-span of this year, #NoExcuses2020, you may want to do more and be more. But, to be successful in any area, especially those that can feel elusive at times, requires incredible effort and focus. It means that we need to target one important goal at a time. And, it means that we need to address our emotional state before anything else is possible. This is Phase One of our goal setting model.

The Phases of Success Through Goal Setting

Avoid the tendency to try and set more than one goal. Remember, this is a goal that you have a deep desire to achieve, one that scares you just enough to create an unsettling feeling within you. It should be something that has been gnawing at you for whatever reason; you’ve been avoiding the required effort to make it a reality. Start with Phase One by taking The 3 Minute Challenge.

The Three Minute Challenge

Phase 1: Set One Big Important Goal

There are a few critical steps to identifying one big important goal. You have to take the time in this process to generate the emotional gravity that is equal to the desired achievement.

  1. Identify one goal that you are truly passionate about that you want to achieve this year. Tell yourself why this goal is important to you and the impact it will have when you are successful.
  2. Identify the 5-7 emotions that you feel when you think about the goal. What does it feel like to take the leap? Write them down.
  3. Find a cool, quiet place to relax and envision yourself pursuing the goal. What situations do you find yourself in during your pursuit? Imagine each scenario as you reach your destination, achieving the goal.

Technical Tip: One of the biggest differences between goal-setting and goal-getting is in the way we handle our emotions. When you write down your 5-7 emotions that you feel whenever you think about your one big goal, try turning all of them into positive emotions. For example, if you feel “anxious,” tell yourself that you’re “excited” instead. “Fear” can become “ calculated risk” and “lost” can become “opportunity.”

Reach out and share your story with us.

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