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Don’t miss this leadership podcast with Anna Carroll.

Anna Carroll, MSSW, is an author, executive coach, and speaker. She helps leaders and professionals speed up their cycles of successful leadership, feedback, and results.

Anna graduated from Sarah Lawrence College, including a year at Massachusetts Institute of Technology to study the social aspects of computing. She received her MSSW degree from University of Texas at Austin with a focus on human behavior, influence, conformity, and how change does and doesn’t happen. She founded Interaction Design, Inc. in 1990 to facilitate organizational improvement projects and design and lead structured interactive training. She received her Licensed Professional Coach certification in 2013 from the Coaches Training Institute. 

Her clients include Austin Regional Clinic, eBay, Engagio, Fandango, Horseshoe Bay Resort, NES Global Talent, PayPal, and Zimmer-Biomet. She has spoken recently at Microsoft, the Texas Conference for Women, and the Society for Human Resource Management, to name only a few.

Carroll wrote The Feedback Imperative: How to Give Everyday Feedback to Speed Up Your Team’s Success (River Grove Press, 2013) and The Everyday Feedback Workbook: How to Use the Everyday Feedback Method with Your Team (Ingram-Sparks, 2015) and conducts training for how to give and receive helpful, transparent feedback. An important quality of her “everyday feedback” approach is lowering stress and building great relationships along the way. She is passionate about researching future workplace trends and exploring the brain science and psychological factors that are key to making great feedback happen. She is currently writing a book about surprising insights regarding good and bad feedback in organizations.

She lives in Austin, Texas with her husband Michael Wilkes and loves world music, cities, and great conversations.

Her interview with TheSchoolHouse302 cuts straight to the heart of what we value and believe in for organizational growth, which is quality feedback.

  • Listen to what she says about organizational dynamics and how leaders often handle tough conversations. She talks about what is often ignored yet we complain about it and still expect improvements to occur.
  • She acknowledges that much of the feedback conversation is steeped in brain research and the NueroLeadership Institute is leading the way.
  • You can’t miss what she says about how she learned under duress. We can all benefit from her story. Don’t miss this part.
  • She’s the third person to bring up Tango on our One Thing Series. The beauty is in why!
  • Anna’s thoughts on luck, excellent performances, and solutions are thought-provoking, to say the least.
  • You can’t miss what she used to believe. It’s something we typically think regarding success but she challenges the notion! Most importantly, she reminds us to Stay Calm & Try Things!

Anna’s interview uncovers some of the dysfunctional behaviors common in many organizations. She calls out the typical reactions to feedback as ineffective and provides simple ways to work through them. What really resonates with us is that feedback is the key to improvement. Her experience and wisdom provide insight for leaders to create an environment where feedback is the norm. Be sure to listen and share so that we can all learn to address tough issues through difficult conversations.

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