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Don’t miss our leadership podcast with Toni Faddis.

Dr. Toni Faddis has served as a public school educator for the past twenty-six years as a teacher, principal, and district leader. For 13 years, she was a principal of two schools close to the United States/Mexico border and established strong, collaborative teacher teams that resulted in improved content delivery, greater student achievement, and increased teacher self-efficacy. In her current capacity as a district leader, Toni coaches and supports aspiring and novice school leaders.

She is also a faculty member of the Educational Leadership Department at San Diego State University, teaching courses on problem-solving, professional learning, and instructional leadership to teachers who aspire to become school principals.

Toni’s passion for educational excellence, equity, and ethical school leadership led to doctoral research to understand principal decision-making in the unique contexts of border school communities. The degree, conferred by San Diego State University, marked the end of Toni’s study, but not of her learning journey.

She recently authored The Ethical Line: 10 Leadership Strategies for Effective Decision Making (Corwin Press, 2019) and is currently developing a second book for new principals. Toni looks for something new to learn every day and is committed to improving access and outcomes for learners of all ages.

Her interview with TheSchoolHouse302 was engaging and incredibly authentic. Check it out.

  • Listen to what she says about how we have to transform ourselves professionally to meet the demands of the job. She describes how her values truly drive her decisions, her attitude, and her behavior.
  • She acknowledges that Brene Brown is very influential in her life. The quote, “being clear is kind and being unclear us unkind,” truly resonated with us. We completely agree that Brene Brown is someone we all should follow.
  • Toni talked about the power of nature. Get outside!
  • One thing we love about so many of our guests is what they share about their “bucket lists.” Toni doesn’t disappoint with her desire to go to the Olympic Games. “Citius, Altius, Fortius.”
  • Regarding what continues to support her growth as a leader…yoga! After you hear about her initial attempts, you’ll be inspired to try it.
  • We always ask our guests about one thing they believe anymore. The responses are phenomenal and Toni’s is something we all need to get better at doing–stop wasting energy on worrying about what people think. Free yourself and live with courage.

Toni’s interview is a powerful example of a great educator committed to students and staff. Her examples are real, doable, and honest.

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