Better_Leaders_Better_Schools_Podcast As we discuss the topic of disengagement in the workforce, we note that one surefire way to disengage your employees is by creating uncertainty. Leaders who deliver unclear goals and who don’t stick to the core values that they claim to have convey to the team that the work is ambiguous, which shuts people down and zaps their energy. One antidote is to be candid and compassionate with everyone you lead. Candor is about being precise with your words and sincere with your intentions. When we give clear feedback to others, we demonstrate care for the work they do and their contributions as people. Don’t miss our conversation with Danny Bauer on his Better Leaders Better Schools Podcast. We had a blast discussing what it means to give candid and compassionate feedback in schools; you can listen here. If you haven’t read our book, you can get your copy here. You can find more on leading better and growing faster at Don’t forget to like, follow, and share. We look forward to hearing from you. Joe & T.J. Candid_and_Compassionate_Feedback_Cover