Education_Excellence_Episode_6 As we discuss the topic of motivation and we connect it to the field of education, we know that feedback is critical in every step forward. When we interviewed Kaley Klemp, she talked about self-assessments (and much more), and how certain tests can provide us with the information we need to motivate ourselves and others. But feedback is meaningless if it’s not delivered well, using candor and compassion as the vehicle to truly transport a message. Don’t miss our discussion with Kristina Macbury on the topic of candor in education. You can listen here with Apple Podcasts, or here at the Education Excellence site. And if you haven’t read our book, Candid and Compassionate Feedback: Transforming Everyday Practice is Schools, you can get a copy here. You can find more on leading better and growing faster at Don’t forget to like, follow, and share. We look forward to hearing from you. Joe & T.J. Candid_and_Compassionate_Feedback_Cover