Motivation Model Commitment to Accountability is all about being consistent by honoring your own values and ideals. Accountability begins with holding yourself accountable, first. In fact, it’s not fair to hold others accountable to a standard that you cannot meet on a regular basis. Yes, we all fall short, and, at times, we even fail, but the mark of a great leader is her willingness to bounce back. Every day there are setbacks, the question is how fast do you recover, refocus, and recommit.

Challenge Yourself: Let’s Get RAW

Reflect–Pick a function of your job performance or that of someone in your organization. Reflect on what you would define as the standard of acceptance versus the standard of excellence. What would it mean to be on pace versus excelling?

Act–Commit to regular communication about your expectations. Where, how, and when will you communicate the standards of performance over the next 6-18 months? Bonus: Think about the places where you can communicate daily, weekly, and monthly.

Write–Take time to write down a set of two specific expectations that everyone (including you) should meet for the team to get stronger.

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