#readthisseries: 3 Books You Need to Read to Take Action for Results


Don’t miss this vblog on books you need to read to lead better and grow faster. We recommend three titles that are must-reads on the topic of seeing your results in action. You can find our catalog of great leadership books at theschoolhouse302.com — click on #readthisseries.

Kiyosaki, R. (1997). Rich dad poor dad: What the rich teach their kids about money that the poor and middle class do not! New York: Warner Books, Inc.

Mechlinski, J. (2018). Shift the work: The revolutionary science of moving from apathetic to all in using your head heart and gut. New York: Morgan James Publishing.

Schmoker, M. Results now: How we can achieve unprecedented results in teaching and learning. Alexandria, VA: ASCD.

Don’t miss your chance to win this month’s give-away by tweeting to us using #readthisseries. The directions are in the video. We can’t wait to hear from you.

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Joe & T.J.

2 thoughts on “#readthisseries: 3 Books You Need to Read to Take Action for Results

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  1. I have read all of Mike Schmoker’s books and agree with his BIG THREE IDEAS to improve schools. It’s not rocket science and simple addresses three common-sense ideas that are right in front of us.


  2. Wow, 70% of the work force is “not” engaged … this must mean leadership is spending a majority of their time on problems as a result of what employees are and/or are not doing…not good… thanks for sharing


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