#onethingseries: Resilience, Learning, & the Journey to Leading Better w/ John Beede

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Don’t miss this leadership interview with John Beede, @johnbeede. Adventurer, John Beede has been struck by lighting, attacked by a 5-foot iguana, and he once did the hokey-pokey in the eye of a hurricane. He knowingly went swimming with Hammerhead, Great White, and Whale sharks. He was once even trapped in the Indonesian jungle between warring tribes and the world’s largest goldmine. His travels have taken him to 56 countries and every continent, including Antarctica.

John is an expert on peak performance, resilience, and leadership, many of the lessons he learned while pursuing his life’s biggest dream: reaching the summit of Mount Everest.

After two months of climbing, 9 months of full-time preparation, and 17 years of mountaineering, he planted his trusty ice axe into the summit of Mount Everest. Subsequently, he was featured on TV’s 60 Minutes and media outlets across the globe.

He is not sponsored. All funding for his expeditions comes from building and selling his own companies. Additionally, he has authored two books, including Climb On! Success Strategies for Teens and The Mini-Manual for Becoming Super Awesome. Together, they have sold over 50,000 copies.

His interview with TheSchoolHouse302 was simply awesome, check it out.

TheSchoolHouse302 · One Thing Series: Resilience, Learning, & the Journey to Leading Better w/ John Beede
  • Listen to what John says about how we need to change our concept of being tough. His explanation of being at peace is worth hearing for any leader. Don’t miss it.
  • He told us that the mountains are his inspiration. Climbing keeps him centered as a person. He also takes time to explain how he values himself and creates a lifestyle that honors his values.
  • John talked about curiosity and strategies to limit fear by not trying to predict and control the future.  
  • Amid all of is incredible accomplishments, he describes his desire to have a family and be a dad.  
  • He told us that to continue to grow he remains open to being wrong and accepting that he doesn’t know everything.  
  • And, you have to hear what he says about the false metrics of success we set for ourselves.

John’s interview is filled with wisdom for leaders and really connects with our purpose of developing leaders by getting to simple. Be sure to get your copy of Climb On! and let us know what you think.

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