#readthisseries: 3 Books You Need to Read to Build a Stronger Passion-Driven Culture


Don’t miss this vblog on books you need to read to lead better and grow faster. We recommend three titles that are must-reads on the topic of culture and passion–bridging the two for a stronger vision. You can find our catalog of great leadership books at theschoolhouse302.com — click on #readthisseries.

Harnish, V. (2014). Scaling up: How a few companies make it…and why the rest don’t. Gazelles.

Hsieh, T. (2010). Delivering happiness: A path to profits, passion, and purpose. New York: Hachette Book Group.

Lee Yohn, D. (2018). Fusion: How integrating brand and culture powers the world’s greatest companies. Boston: Nicholas Brealey Publishing.

Yokoyama, J. & Michelli, J. (2004). When fish fly: Lessons for creating a vital and energized workplace. New York: Hyperion.

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Joe & T.J.

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