Learning to Embrace Rebel Talent and Improve Our Rebelliousness as Leaders with Guest Francesca Gino

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Don’t miss this leadership interview with Francesca Gino. Francesca is the Tandon Family Professor of Business Administration in the Negotiation, Organizations & Markets Unit at Harvard Business School. She is also formally affiliated with the Program on Negotiation at Harvard Law School, with the Mind, Brain, Behavior Initiative at Harvard, and with the Behavioral Insight Group at Harvard Kennedy School.

Professor Gino has won numerous awards for her teaching, including the HBS Faculty Award by Harvard Business School’s MBA Class of 2015, and for her research, including the 2013 Cummings Scholarly Achievement Award from the Academy of Management Organizational Behavior Division. In 2015, Francesca was chosen by Poets & Quants to be among their “40 under 40.”

Dr. Gino is the author of Sidetracked: Why Our Decisions Get Derailed and How We Can Stick to the Plan and Rebel Talent: Why It Pays To Break The Rules At Work And In Life.

Her interview with TheSchoolHouse302 was incredibly insightful, check it out below.

TheSchoolHouse302 · One Thing Series: Learning, Leadership, & Rebelliousness w/ Francesca Gino
  • Listen to what Dr. Gino has to say about how we must rethink and reframe our understanding of “rebels” in the workplace. She shares the 5 key talents that rebels possess and how leaders can encourage rebelliousness by creating an environment that inspires people to push boundaries in a positive and healthy way.
  • For knowledge and inspiration, Francesca raved about NPR’s Hidden Brain podcast by Shankar Vedantam as something she truly enjoys. You must also hear what she says about Harvard where the learning never ends.
  • She advises us to be “rebels,” to break the rules productively, even if it doesn’t come naturally to us as leaders. You can find her 7-day plan for rule-breaking here.  
  • Listen to what she says about her goal to learn to play the piano and who she has teaching her to do so.
  • She talks about how those around us can lead us to greater levels of achievement. Her insight is inspirational.
  • Lastly, you can’t miss her milk story and the epiphany she experienced about the rules we live by that we may not even be aware of.

Francesca’s interview is filled with practical advice for leaders and it really speaks to how we must embrace rebel talent to thrive. As any good professor knows to do, she reinforces the importance of learning goals and developing our rebel talents. Take the rebel test to learn what kind of rebel you are.

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