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This is TheSchoolHouse302 monthly #review&reflect, wrapping up our focus on TEAMWORK.

Skills I need…

What skills do I need to master to create more effective teams?

Review: This month’s focus on teamwork was supported by a dynamic 5-point model that entails the key elements of effective teamwork: Prior Preparation, Shared Vision, Collaborative Spirit, Synergized Efforts, and Strong Trust. Each point of the model represents key aspects necessary for teams to be successful in achieving their goals and working together in harmony. Am essential function of the elements is that they build on one another and strengthen the overall function of the team as they work together to complete the teamwork model. For example, prior preparation is critical, but knowing what the team is preparing for through a clear and articulated vision guides all work. A simple question like, “does this decision drive us toward our vision?” gives your team guidance, courage, and support. The challenge for any team is to work as productively, efficiently, and as powerfully as possible. This model serves as a guide to ensure that all key areas of your team are intact and functioning at an optimal level.


Reflect: Each point of the model is critical for overall success and maximum effectiveness. While reviewing and considering each point, is there one that your team excels at and one your team needs to improve? For example, collaboration among team members is a necessity, but on its own collaboration doesn’t inspire creation; instead, collaboration is more of a function of your team, whereas synergy is the result of connectivity. We specifically separate the two in this TheSchoolHouse302 model because synergy is a byproduct of a highly functional collaborative team.

As a leader, are your teams synergized and creating incredible results?

How do I learn those skills…

What should I read to continually learn and grow if I want to lead highly successful teams?

Review: In our #readthisseries we featured the work of authors who we have found to demonstrate the TEAMWORK spirit. The three books we featured are:

Go Team by Ken Blanchard, Alan Randolph, and Peter Grazier

The Gold Standard by Mike Krzyzewski with Jamie K. Spatola

The Five Dysfunctions of a Team by Patrick Lencioni

You can’t miss our #readthisseries on teamwork. Watch it again here.

Reflect: Am I willing to learn and grow as a leader? Do I have a high functioning, transparent team, connected to all of the moving parts of the organization and to one another? As a leader, have you set a clear vision for those you supervise, your department, or organization?

Great leaders understand the power of reading, specifically reading books in context of a particular theme or idea to learn to lead better and grow faster. This month consider your team and how well they function. Based on the 5-point model, and using a 5-point scale, 1 being ineffective and 5 being highly effective, how well does your team do the following:

Who should I follow…

What does an expert have to say about teamwork?

Review: For our #onethingseries, we interviewed Joe Purzycki, former Vice Chairmen and COO of Barclaycard U.S., the 5th largest issuer of credit cards domestically. Before excelling in the boardroom, Joe was the first white man to be named head football coach of a historically black university.

Throughout this interview, Joe’s belief in people and the power of teams are clear. He reminds listeners that “…you can go fast alone, but you can go farther together.” It’s worth a second listen.

Reflect: Throughout the interview Joe discusses the power of trust to really build a great team in an award-winning organization. As a leader, how are you inspiring trust in your people? Who do you follow to learn to lead better through trust and empowerment?


That’s our #review&reflect for Teamwork. Take a look back to take a step forward.

TheSchoolHouse302 is about getting to simple and maximizing effective research-based strategies that empower individuals to lead better and grow faster.

Please let us know how our leadership posts are working for you, what you are reading to improve yourself, and your thoughts on leadership and growth here on our blog and Twitter. Follow our #onethingseries podcast on iTunes and our #readthisseries on YouTube.

Joe & T.J.


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