Don’t miss this incredible leadership interview with author and keynote speaker, Jon Gordon, @JonGordon11. We’re sure that Jon doesn’t need an introduction, but just in case, Jon is the author of more than 15 books, including 5 best-sellers. We’re sure that you’ve heard of The Energy Bus, Training Camp, The Power of Positive Leadership, and so many more great titles. Watch our #readthisseries on positivity for our favorite picks. Jon has worked with Fortune 500 companies, he’s been featured on Fox and Friends, and his clients include The Los Angeles Dodgers, Southwest Airlines, Campbell Soup, and so many more. As you’ll hear from this great interview, Jon knows a ton about staying positive as a leader and the power it has to lift others.

  • Listen to what Jon says about positive leadership and it’s impact on vision, putting the organization first and leading with optimism and grit. What he says about having a telescope and microscope, working together, is profound.
  • He wants us all to check out Erwin McManus on YouTube.
  • Jon takes a walk of gratitude every morning to be thankful for the day. Listen to what he says about the power of this routine.
  • He wants to figure out the secrets of the universe. You can’t miss what he says about matter and energy.
  • He tells our listens to be lifelong learners…stay curious.
  • And, you have to pay attention to what he says about being a victim of circumstance versus leading your life from the inside out.

Jon Gordon’s interview is jammed with awesome advice for leaders, and it’s a wonderful zen experience to hear him speak to TheSchoolHouse302.

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Joe & T.J.