#onethingx Don’t miss this incredible interview with Dr. Rob Rescigno, Dean of the College of Business at Wilmington University, as he offers wisdom and practical advice on how to connect deeply with the people you lead. The focus is employee motivation and retention, and if you’re a leader, you need to hear this. Rob brings a ton of leadership take-aways to the conversation, and you can’t miss what he says about the power of reflection and always remaining curious.
  • He tells us how the leader has to stay in touch with his/her people by listening, by understanding their needs, and by providing them the necessary resources to be successful. This builds an environment of trust, which needs to funnel down through all the layers of the organization for success.
  • He tells us about the power of mentors and how they have helped him along the way.
  • He tells us about the benefits of reflection and that looking back on your day leads to greater improvements for tomorrow.
  • Listen to him as he describes how he works with people to build partnerships.
  • He tells us how staying curious is a powerful leadership attribute and how asking questions can lead to making things better.
  • In the end, he humbly wraps up with how each day really is not about him — ”you don’t have to be the center of attention” — and how he learned to focus on character by accepting criticism and listening better.
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