Don’t miss this spectacular interview with Dave Telep, Director of Scouting with the San Antonio Spurs.

Dave brings a ton of leadership take-aways to the conversation, and you can’t miss what he says about being part of a team.

  • He tells us that planning and preparation isn’t about his individual focus but about the focus that his team has on being ready for the season.
  • He gathers his enjoyment from the process and the people, not winning, and he gives major credit to R.C. Buford for his leadership and inspiration.
  • He’s clear that you have to know your people and their context…where they’re coming from…before making decisions and casting judgement.
  • Listen to him talk about slowing down and learning from mistakes.
  • He recommends reading Ron Shapiro’s Dare to Prepare: How to Win Before You Begin, which you know we love our books at TheSchoolHouse302. Check out our #readthisseries.
  • Finally, his powerful advice about keeping your professional successes and failures away from how you define yourself as a person is candid and real.

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Joe & T.J.