You can’t miss this interview with Principal EL on the topic of professional dialogue and leadership growth.

“What I do is my passion; my job is to get better at it” ~ @Principal_EL

  • Principal EL talks about our 5Cs, core values, leadership through action, and candid feedback. He discusses getting to where he is now through data and the recognition that we need to improve ourselves for the sake of kids.
  • He uses #satchat and social media to learn from his PLN.
  • He tells our listeners to reflect more and be honest with yourself. Get a thought partner and use a mentor to help you grow.
  • He wants to start a public boarding school for at-risk youth. Don’t miss him talking about this goal.
  • He is a big fan of Dr. Covey and The 7 Habits.
  • And, he has learned that caring for kids isn’t enough, you have to be curious about their lives outside of school…something he solidified in a conversation with Amber Teamann & Angela Watson.

“If you want to wake up with determination, you have to go to bed with satisfaction” ~ Principal EL

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Joe & T.J.