#exampleseries: Reaching Goals


Real People, Real Goals

We had the distinct pleasure of interviewing two extraordinary gentlemen, who by day are teachers, dedicated to their students, and by night, or really any time for that matter, are tough, hard core, life enthusiasts. Resolutions and goals have been our focus and what better way to wrap up this series then with an incredible story about two guys who decided to push themselves further than ever before. Neither of these two are a stranger to fitness, goals, or achievement, but they decided to test themselves in the popular endurance event series with military like obstacles known as the Tough Mudder. Little did they know that their elite performance would qualify them for the World’s Toughest Mudder (TM). Justin Bohl and Scott Vaillancourt accepted the invitation and decided to compete in the World’s TM and quickly became laser focused on their goal—to compete in one the most physically challenging events on the planet. The World’s TM is a 24-hour challenge designed to see how many times competitors can complete a 10-mile circuit equipped with 30 crazy obstacles in cold Pennsylvania weather. Knowing the strategies theschoolhouse302.com identified as key in achieving goals, we asked Justin and Scott their thoughts on our 4 keys to goal setting:

  1. Stay focused and Be Specific
  2. It’s Time to Make Time
  3. Stop It
  4. Write Your Goals Down

Presented with these strategies, Justin and Scott acknowledged the importance of all 4, but that they truly embraced #3, Stop It, in their efforts to train for the race and made specific sacrifices as they prepared. They both agreed that the sacrifices they chose to make were easy considering that their desire to compete eclipsed other activities. So, what did they stop doing? Friday nights, out with their friends, were quickly replaced with early bed times and pre-dawn wake up calls. Training became a way of life and their decisions in all areas of their life revolved around their training. Once they were clear on what they had to stop doing, they designed a lifestyle that supported their new focus.

Tell a Friend

Interestingly, the interview revealed an additional key strategy. They added, Tell A Friend, to our list. Both Justin and Scott said they made one another stronger. Iron sharpens Iron. They motivated each other, held one another accountable, and most importantly were there for each other. Training in the dark on Saturday for no other reason then to see how far one can push human limits and unveil the human spirit can get old fast. Doubt and uncertainty creep in, so a friend to help and be with you along the way is critical. They both acknowledge that they are stronger working together. Next time you set a goal, Tell a Friend.

Justin and Scott are a testament to what people can do when they are laser focused, make time for their goals, decide to stop doing things that can derail their best efforts, and hold each other accountable with their written and spoken word to achieve success.

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TheSchoolHouse302 is about getting to simple and maximizing effective research-based strategies that empower individuals to lead better and grow faster.

Joe and T.J.

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