Monday Matters: Teamwork and Responsiblity


Ideas that Matter

Two ideas that matter from:

Creativity Inc, & Extreme Ownership

Creativity Inc, which is written by Pixar’s CEO who is also the CEO of Disney Animation discusses the creation of Pixar’s identity and the importance of teamwork. Here’s what he says:

1. Teamwork

“The takeaway here is worth repeating: Getting the team right is the necessary precursor to getting the ideas right. It is easy to say you want talented people, and you do, but the way those people interact with one another is the real key. Even the smartest people can form an ineffective team if they are mismatched. That means it is better to focus on how a team is performing, not on the talents of the individuals within it. A good team is made up of people who complement each other. There is an important principle here that may seem obvious, yet – in my experience – is not obvious at all. Getting the right people and the right chemistry is more important than getting the right idea.”

Question: What’s the chemistry like on your team?

  • Common teams to consider:
    • Steering committees
    • Grade level teams,
    • Leadership teams,
    • PLCs, etc

Extreme Ownership, which is written by U.S. Navy Seals’ Jocko Willink and Leif Babin discuss how leaders make no excuses. Here’s what they say:

2. Responsibility

Authors and “combat proven” Navy Seals, Leif Babin and Jocko Willink describe the true nature of a great leader—one who takes full responsibility or as they put it “extreme ownership of everything that impacts their mission.” Regardless of the venture, a mission in Ramadi, developing a new product, or implementing instructional changes for student achievement, leaders must accept that success depends on them.

Question: Have you blamed someone or something for a lack of success in a particular area?

Here’s What Matters:

How are you guiding your team and taking full responsibility for their success?

Let us know how this is helping you to get to simple in your organization.

T.J. & Joe

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