4 Strategies to Drive Innovative Thinking in Your Organization

Businesses often fail to innovate because of the organization’s culture and not the people. In fact, it’s misleading to believe that the people in the organization are the ones thwarting new ideas. There’s only one person in an organization who can truly squash any innovative thinking, and that one person is the CEO. It’s only... Continue Reading →

Ideas of Innovation

The world is filled with opportunities, but too often these opportunities are perceived as problems. It is at the crossroad between problems and opportunities where the well of innovation lives. Those who dip their buckets into the well are the same people who see problems as an opportunity to innovate. This type of thinking is... Continue Reading →

#readthisseries: Teamwork

Check out this 5-minute video with tips on what to read for building teams, working with teams, and improving teamwork scenarios. We suggest several books and even tips for processing what you read.  We land on the mac daddy of all teamwork books: The 5 Dysfunctions of a Team by Patrick Lencioni. Watch, like, comment,... Continue Reading →

The Big Three + #Trust = #Teamwork

Susan struggled with her team’s performance because she thought she did everything right in bringing them together. She used The Big Three for effective teamwork by developing a shared vision, creating a collaborative spirit, and pushing the group to synergize. Although her team was comprised of highly talented, incredibly knowledgeable teachers, they weren’t functioning at... Continue Reading →

#exampleseries with Nathalie Princilus TheSchoolHouse302

Listen to this quick podcast with Nathalie Princilus as an example of setting priorities. She recently graduated from UD's Principal Preparation Program, and she tells us how she made that happen in 18 months with a life, a family, kids, and a job. #exampleseries from TheSchoolHouse302.com. Tell us what you think by posting a comment. https://audioboom.com/posts/5678864-exampleseries-with-nathalie-princilus-theschoolhouse302

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