The Five Cs of Professional Dialogue: A Model for Organizational Feedback and Growth

A culture of excellence rooted in professional dialogue will launch and sustain any organization’s growth and development. But too often “people sense that they [are] missing needed information, [and] they blame lack of communication for the problem” (Markman, 2017). The fact is that proper communication and dialogue rest at the heart of a great organization’s... Continue Reading →

#readthisseries: #data

Check out our latest #readthisseries for great books to add to your library on the topic of using data to drive performance in your organization. You don't want to miss this review of some of the most important books on learning to use data and how to think differently about the data you currently use... Continue Reading →

3 Powerful Ideas for Using Data

Susan’s team was finally right. As Jim Collins would say, the right people were in the right seats on the bus. They had all the elements of effective teamwork, including a deep level of trust for one another. However, the team recognized that they were having issues building and sustaining their momentum. They found themselves... Continue Reading →

4 Strategies to Drive Innovative Thinking in Your Organization

Businesses often fail to innovate because of the organization’s culture and not the people. In fact, it’s misleading to believe that the people in the organization are the ones thwarting new ideas. There’s only one person in an organization who can truly squash any innovative thinking, and that one person is the CEO. It’s only... Continue Reading →

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