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Welcome to TheSchoolHouse302 where it’s our job to help you lead better and grow faster. Leadership might be complex but it doesn’t have to be complicated. Our models for leadership are simple and applicable in any organization…public, private, big, or small.

Here’s how you can enjoy the site. Each month, we start with a new leadership model built on the core tenements of leadership and based on both research and evidence from practice. Our blog is posted during the first week of the month under #SH302 so that you can find it on Twitter, etc. Next, during the second and third weeks of the month, you get our ReadThisSeries and our OneThingSeries, posted as #readthisseries and #onethingseries. In our ReadThisSeries, we recommend the best books to read on the topic for that month. We always recommend three because we know that leaders are readers. In our OneThingSeries, we conduct a short-form 20-30 minute leadership podcast with a great leader, author, researcher, professor, or otherwise top thought leader on the topic for the month. Last, you get our Review&Reflect (under #review&reflect) to wrap up the month so that you can take a look back to take a step forward with our reflection questions.

Our content provides a leadership curriculum for anyone who aspires to lead better and grow faster so that you can serve others. We hope you’ll connect with our amazing audience by following, commenting, and liking our work, And, as always, you can contact us for professional development on our leadership models or to recommend a topic for the blog, a book for our #readthisseries, or guest for our podcast.

Joe & T.J.

Featuring our first book: Candid and Compassionate Feedback: Transforming Everyday Practice in Schools.

Too often educational leaders are caught in a “culture of nice,” finding it difficult to give their teachers and staff critical feedback to improve their practice. This important book helps leaders become both candid and compassionate, unrelenting and supportive, and demanding yet caring. Exploring real scenarios and situations, this book helps you through the common traps of trying to improve performance, and the strategies to move beyond these pitfalls to achieve desired results. Addressing best practices for driving change such as informal feedback mechanisms, collaborative decision-making, and teacher leadership, this important book will help you create a trusting and supportive environment where you can have candid educational conversations in person and in writing, during informal chats, in PLCs, and with other leaders.

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