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Welcome to TheSchoolHouse302 where it’s our job to help you lead better and grow faster. Leadership might be complex but it doesn’t have to be complicated. Our models for leadership are simple and applicable in any school or district. 

Here’s how you can enjoy the site. Each month, we start with a new leadership model built on the core tenements of leadership and based on both research and evidence from practice. Here’s what you can expect from our newsletter. 

Our Newest Free Content

TheSchoolHouse302 Blog

Our blog is the first thing we post each month. It covers a topic of school leadership and school culture that every leader should know more about. You’ll get links to research and resources that you’ll enjoy and share as you grow with us. 

Leading Better & Growing Faster with Joe & T.J.

Our show is a popular podcast for school leaders. We conduct an interview with a great leader, often an author or thought leader, we share books that we like on particular topics, and we add our thoughts in short segments within the show. That means that you’ll find three ways to enjoy the show:

  1. Interviews with other great leaders 
  2. Book recommendations
  3. And, our “302 thoughts” 


Our Book Recommendations

One aspect of our Leading Better and Growing Faster with Joe and T.J. podcast, we recommend the best books to read on the topic of school leadership. You may hear us refer to ReadThis or ReadThisSeries…you’ll love the books, and we always want to know what you’re reading. And, don’t forget to jot down the “reader’s tip” that we add at the end. 


Kind Words From Others